Monday, April 4, 2011

Leather scrap necklace tutorial

When a beloved leather item has finally seen the end of its days you can turn it into a fascinating and contemporary necklace. This actually began after I saw a gorgeous necklace on a model in a fashion magazine, but it's been so long I can no longer find the magazine where I first spotted the inspiration.
You can go as crazy as you want with this design and add charms, bead or other sparklies.  A lone glove, old jackets and skirts or purses are great to use and you can certainly make more than one necklace.

(Please excuse the less than stunning was late and dark and I was being impatient)

For this project you will need:
                   A scrap of leather ( I used a 5 x 3 inch piece)
                   Jump rings (I used 6.5mm)
                   Hole punch - I am using a scrapbook eyelet punch
I am using a large piece of reconned leather from an old chair.

I started by cutting off random chunks at acute angles.

 When I find a configuration that I like, I usually take a picture with my camera phone. Once you start moving pieces around to connect them it is easy to forget how you put them together.

Now it is time for the holes. I work on a piece of stone. You want to place something under your leather to protect your table from the punch.
Determine where your holes will need to be.

Place your hole punch on top of your leather and hammer away until you get all the way through.

You can connect your pieces as you go or punch all your holes first then connect.

I added a bit of leftover chain.

These necklaces are super comfortable. As your body warms the leather it conforms to the shape of your neck.

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