Saturday, April 2, 2011

Copycat Craft: Wild human hair Earrings

Several weeks ago when Gweneth Paltrow performed with Cee-lo at the Grammys she was wearing a fabulous pair of feather earrings. At first glance it appeared that they were bright pink highlights peeking through her blond locks.
After looking through my extensive stash, I found a couple pairs of human hair clip on extensions that I had purchased last Halloween and never used. With an hour and a couple beads purchased at Joann's the finished result: a pair of hip earrings.

This tutorial will show you how to make a pair of super cute hair earrings that are completely styleable.

For this project you will need:
         Human hair ( I used 14")
         2 Cone shaped end cap beads
         2 small beads
         2 crimp beads
         Beading thread (I used Wildfire)
         Glue (Tacky Glue)
         2 Split jump rings
         2 earwires

Separate your strand for your first earring.

 Tie a length of thread 12 inches long around the strand of hair approximately one inch from the end. Double knot and wrap each tail.

Wrap each tail around the strand and know tightly.

At this point I cut the strand of hair away from the barrette.

Thread the tails through the cone bead.

Apply a small amount of glue to the inside of the cone bead with  toothpick or needle.

Apply glue to the end of the hair strand.

Use the thread  to pull the hair tightly in to the cone bead. Gently wipe away any excess glue.

Thread the small bead....and then the crimp bead....then the jump ring.

Pass the threads through both the crimp bead and small bead. Pull everything tight...(not too tight) and use pliers to secure the crimp bead.

Attach an earwire and repeat. Trim to desired length and....Wah-LA, a pair of super hip hair earrings. They can be curled and washed.

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