Saturday, April 2, 2011

Broken USB Charger recycled necklace

When one of my USB phone chargers stopped working, (every time I would plug it in to my PC the computer would shut down), I decided instead of throwing it in the trash I would make a necklace for a lovely carved stone skull bead my husband bought for me. It came on a thin silver chain but the heavy stone bead spins around and ends up upside down. I figured this would be a prefect way to display it while keeping it upright.

With 2 end caps, 2 jump rings and a clasp you can make a comfy necklace with a unique texture and feel.

You will need:
           2 crimping end caps,the glue-in type work as well (you will need glue if you choose that kind obviously)
           2 jump rings
           Needlenose pliers
           Something to snip your cord with

Start off by snipping off the ends of the cord.

Trim the inner strand of your cord by pushing down the outer layer and snipping.
Crimp the end caps around one end of the cord.

String the bead(s) and crimp the remaining end cap.

Now add your jump rings and clasp....maybe a little chain for adjustability.

To reshape a kinky cord, pull gently while you roll bettween your fingers. 

The end result is a soft rubbery necklace for the price of about 1 dollar.  

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